An active area of biomedical and clinical research is the use of IR fluorescence to identify tumor margins during resection. Research at several leading institutions is ongoing in the use of ICG as a marker for tumor margins as well as development of tumor-specific fluorescence markers based on nanoparticles.

The Visionsense Iridium system is an excellent platform for use of fluorescence to visualize tumor margins. Iridium is based on the foundation of a proven Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) visualization system and is natively designed to be used for image-guided surgery.


Iridium facilitates tumor margins visualization with a suite of features designed for research use:

  • High Definition (HD) for both Fluorescence and Visible light imaging
  • 805nm laser-based excitation light (785nm available upon request)
  • Powerful and uniform fluorescence excitation illumination which allows quantitative analysis
  • Real-time fusion of IR and visible light images
  • Open and endoscopic form factors