Our Vision

In healthcare, technology should be focused on enabling superior therapy and improving patient experience and outcomes. Visualization Technology should facilitate better clinical experience enabling surgeons to gain confidence and get results.

Until now, Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) procedures were largely limited to 2D (monocular) endoscopes that lacked depth perception. Furthermore, majority of the visualization solutions mandated rigid, straight-line access limiting ability to cope with anatomical barriers.

Visionsense conveys natural High Definition stereoscopic (3D) visualization, delivered in miniature packaging. As a result, surgeons will get a full depth, natural picture of the surgical field. The comfort level and confidence driven by natural 3D vision has the potential to empower surgeons and to take MIS to the next level.

What We Do

Visionsense develops novel visualization solutions that bring natural stereoscopic sight to minimally invasive surgery (MIS). With advanced sensor technology and proprietary software, the Visionsense system delivers depth perception, 3D-HD resolution images and maneuvering flexibility through the smallest access diameters.

Existing Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) vision solutions provide 2D (monocular) images that lack depth perception. This restricts the surgeon’s perspective limiting the ability to perform advanced MIS procedures.

With stereovision capabilities, surgeons gain enhanced tissue understanding, improved hand eye coordination and the confidence to use advanced (articulating) surgical tools.

The VSiii solution is based on a small diameter (starting at 4mm), single-channel, endoscope that delivers visual information to our stereoscopic camera that imitates an insect’s compound eye. This approach is the paradigm shift required to reduce endoscopic visualization system size and cost, while opening the door for new, unique surgical developments.

Visionsense works closely with its partners to provide education and drive global expansion. Together, we can succeed in taking MIS to the next level.

Visionsense’s VSiii system can be used in minimal invasive Neuro, ENT, Arthroscopy (CE only) and General surgery procedures. It has been cleared by the FDA and CE and is used clinically on a regular basis, throughout the world.

Our Mission

Visionsense is committed to delivering High Definition natural stereoscopic vision to MIS.

• Driving the advances in MIS surgery by enabling new procedures
• Striving to improve patients’ quality of life
• Introducing stereo visualization technology for closed cavity surgical fields.
• Developing cost effective solutions that facilitate the business of surgery


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