The Visionsense Iridium system is a complete solution for inter-operative IR Fluorescence. Built on the foundation of 3DHD technology. Iridium delivers unsurpassed Infrared (IR) Fluorescence visualization designed to be used during live surgery. Iridium offers a number of unique features:

  • High Definition (HD) for both Fluorescence and Visible light imaging
  • Powerful and uniform Fluorescence excitation illumination
  • Real-time fusion of IR and visible light images
  • Compact camera size

The Visionsense Iridium system is CE marked and FDA cleared



Surgeons Benefits:

  • Clearer understanding of complex surgical anatomy scenarios
  • Ability to see both IR and Visible light images in real-time
  • Ability to overlay and fuse IR and Visible images to highlight particular features of the anatomy
  • Potential to improve clinical outcomes
  • Potential to lower complication rates

Iridium Visionsense VSiii Iridium Overview

Pioneering High Acuity HD Fluorescence:
Superior Fluorescence imaging for enhanced tissue identification

  • HD image Resolution
  • Real-time Visible/IR image fusion
  • Better anatomical understanding
  • High acuity visualization
  • Single touch recording and snapshots
  • 3X-Zoom
  • Lightweight camera design that’s ergonomically facile
  • Scalable viewing image
  • Advanced software for enhanced image quality
  • Real-time IR, Visible, and Fused image display

Iridium Scopes:

  • Scopes in a variety of configurations, sizes, lengths and angle of views.
  • Rotatable angled scopes for image orientation
  • Endoscopes are sterilizable – Autoclave and STERRAD™
  • Ergonomic light post integration for pistol grip handling
    • Miniature Microscope for imaging from 20cm to 40cm above the surgical site
    • 5.5mm Straight Forward Endoscope
    • 5.5mm Angled Endoscope

Iridium in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Endoscopic Iridium in General Surgery

Iridium in Oncological Visualization Research

The VS3 Iridium system should not be used to assess blood flow through a vessel graft relative to blood flow through interconnected blood vessels.