The Visionsense Iridium system is a complete solution for inter-operative IR Fluorescence. Built on the foundation of 3DHD technology. Iridium delivers unsurpassed Infrared (IR) Fluorescence visualization designed to be used during live surgery. Iridium offers a number of unique features:

  • High Definition (HD) for both Fluorescence and Visible light imaging
  • Powerful and uniform Fluorescence excitation illumination
  • Real-time fusion of IR and visible light images
  • Compact camera size

The Visionsense Iridium system is CE marked and FDA cleared



Surgeons Benefits:

  • Clearer understanding of complex surgical anatomy scenarios
  • Ability to see both IR and Visible light images in real-time
  • Ability to overlay and fuse IR and Visible images to highlight particular features of the anatomy
  • Potential to improve clinical outcomes
  • Potential to lower complication rates

Iridium Visionsense VSiii Iridium Overview

Pioneering High Acuity HD Fluorescence:
Superior Fluorescence imaging for enhanced tissue identification

  • HD image Resolution
  • Real-time Visible/IR image fusion
  • Better anatomical understanding
  • High acuity visualization
  • Single touch recording and snapshots
  • 3X-Zoom
  • Lightweight camera design that’s ergonomically facile
  • Scalable viewing image
  • Advanced software for enhanced image quality
  • Real-time IR, Visible, and Fused image display

Iridium Scopes:

  • Scopes in a variety of configurations, sizes, lengths and angle of views.
  • Rotatable angled scopes for image orientation
  • Endoscopes are sterilizable – Autoclave and STERRAD™
  • Ergonomic light post integration for pistol grip handling
    • Miniature Microscope for imaging from 20cm to 40cm above the surgical site
    • 5.5mm Straight Forward Endoscope
    • 5.5mm Angled Endoscope

Iridium in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Endoscopic Iridium in General Surgery

Iridium in Oncological Visualization Research