Today the main visualization approach used in Arthroscopy is a monocular endoscope.

Conventional monocular endoscopes impose significant physical challenges on the surgeon. Their use impedes the surgeon’s natural, intuitive ability to perform procedures by seeing and touching affected areas directly. Rather than seeing the patient’s anatomy with natural depth perception, the surgeon looks at a 2D image on the monitor with little guidance to judge depth, volume or distance. This becomes particularly important during complex tasks such as suturing, in procedures such as rotator cuff repair. These limitations may lengthen the procedure time and increase risk.

The Need:
A new solution requiring a combination of depth perception and HD image quality.

The Visionsense Solution – “3D-HD Camera:”
Visionsense has created a technology that combines the best of both worlds. The company’s novel visualization solution provides high resolution stereoscopic (3D) images, like natural sight, in a miniature package.

With Visionsense, surgeons can plan the easiest access path and get a complete picture through a small opening.

Arthroscopy Procedures Benefitting from 3D Visualization:
• Rotator Cuff Repair
• Hip Arthroscopy



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